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WWDC is Apples annual conference for developers, with an opening keynote that have enthusiasts world over excited to see what Apple brings to the table the next year. Following is what has me excited the most so far:

"With HomeKit integrated into siri shortcuts, we could see the start of such automation..." Bastian's WWDC Wish

So the Shortcuts app, wrongly mentioned as "siri shortcut", got automation and triggers, akin to those in the Home App, and those in the home app is present in the Shortcuts App! This is so amazing, now I can turn on my NAS when I arrive at home, and turn it off when I leave!

Besides triggers, I also got Swift Package Manager, also known as SwiftPM and SPM, integration in Xcode. SPM is used by quite a few frameworks, such as Vapor, and is the first package manager integrated into Xcode.

SwiftUI is a new UI framework for all of Apples platforms with a display, at a glance, this new framework looks like a dream, and I am excited to play with it! It is also integrated with Interface Builder in a different way than before. Before Interface Builder would make an XML file, which you could reference to in your code, or you could code the UI programatically. With SwiftUI IB generates Swift code directly, and the dev doesn't have to decide between coding the UI or using IB. While you can't use Objective-C directly, SwiftUI seems to have UIKit interop.

It doesn't seem like I got SMB forwarding, though I did get SMB integration into the files app, so I remain hopefull. SMB in laymans terms, is a protocol which allows a given computer or home server to act as a netshare, a fancy way of saying external hard drive connected to your router. This is awesome for those of us who have precious images and documents on their home servers.

I didn't get HDMI-CEC tv control in the homes app either, so I'll shelf that until next years WWDC.

Consider reading our WWDC posts, to keep up to date with what's happening this year, I'll keep an eye on sessions, and be sure to write on the stuff I find most interesting!

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