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Since I got an iPhone back in November, I've experienced various issues with my previous podcast app of choice PocketCasts. The app hangs at times, in the beginning it was only when I tried to resume an episode from the widget, but later became when I open the app, or worse, when I am navigating the app. This infuriates me, especially when I want to finish an episode, or go to the next podcast in my queue.

Overcast recently got a new sharing functionality, and I have been interested in switching to Overcast for a while, so this may push me over the edge.

The new feature lets an Overcast user share a short (up to a minute) snippet of a podcast, and share that with a nice preview thumbnail. From > This remark on Unco by Stephen Hackett inspired me to finally solve this problem in a way that worked easily, for all podcasts, for both podcasters and listeners to use.

This was a prime opportunity to switch, not that I expect to use this new feature much, but it is a nice to have for sure. So far Overcast has already been more stable than PocketCasts, and I'm still learning how to do stuff I'm used to in PocketCasts, but I think this is where I'll stay for a little while.

There are some paradigm differences between the two apps, Overcast has cards while PocketCasts has buttons in the player. The cards in Overcast lets you swipe between cards that display controls, show notes, or chapter markers. In PocketCasts all of those are placed in a menu bar underneath the player. Overcast left(ads removable with IAP), PocketCasts Right The biggest differences I needed to get used to between the two apps: The podcast menu where your subscriptions are listed, and the queue managment. Overcast queue is in a seperate menu as a playlist(left); Pocketcasts queue is under the player(right)However, I do prefer the grid layout and discovery view in Pocketcsts I will be sticking with Overcast for the time being. Any updates will be posted here on my blog.

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