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I watched a LTT Clip about Firefox partnering up with Scroll and got curious. I didn't know abou Scroll before now, but Brave has a similar program, which this blog is signed up for.

Scroll and Brave is two services, who both removes ads from website, but still gives the creators money. How they differ is what they do on websites which aren't partnering with the respective service. Brave completely removes ads regardless of if the website partners with them or not, whereas Scroll only removes ads from partnering sites. Brave also has a tipping service, and while it is possible to tip to non-partnering creators, Brave warns you about doing so.

Personally I'm uncomfortable blocking ads from websites, knowing they won't get my penny. I pay for YouTube Premium for this exact reason. My browser of choice isn't Chromium based, so Brave is a no go for me. Scroll on the other hand has both a Safari extension as well as an iOS app, which only works when you pay the $5 monthly fee.

Everyone has their way of dealing with ads, some people have ad blockers, others just ignores them. When I visit a website which doesn't respect me and just vomits ads all over, I just exit said website. With that said, Scroll offers a great alternative to ads, and I'm excited to see more publications partnering up with them! Their cross-platform nature have me subscribed for sure.

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